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Renew Or Switch

Confused Whether Renew Or Switch Your Mortgage? I Am Here to Help

When a borrower gets a property mortgage loan, they are usually offered with a period of five years to pay it off. However, most borrowers fail to pay the entire amount within those five years and hence they opt for renewing the mortgage. Renewing a mortgage offers them the opportunity to have better option, alter the duration or alter the duration of time.

On the other hand, switching a mortgage is the process of switching the lender and breaks your mortgage contract with your previous lender. In both cases, you will have to pay the monthly payment instalments.

Now if you are feeling confused a on which mortgage payment method you should stick to and why not the other, I Harkamal Gill will offer you the best guidance and valuable suggestions. I am your licensed mortgage broker offering my services in British Colombia.

Why Should You Consider Switching Your Mortgage?

You must be wondering, when you can continue renewing your mortgage with one single lender, why would you bother to switch your lender. Well, there are many good reasons to consider switching your mortgage. The basic reason to switch your lender is lower interest rates,

If a lender offers considerably low interest rates, it will minimize your monthly payable amounts and save your thousands of bucks.

Things to Consider Before You Switch Your Mortgage

Switching your mortgage can prove to be quite beneficial, if you can manage to grab the right deals. However, you need to consider few basic factors before you make your move.

  • Consider Any Probable Penalty

If you switch your lenders before the maturity of mortgage, you will have to pay penalty for breaking the contract. Lenders are expected to provide you with a clean estimate prior to finalizing a mortgage. I will suggest you and guide you in this respect for avoiding any unexpected complications.

  • Consider If You Qualify

Before you break off your mortgage deal with your lender, you need to make sure you qualify for switching to a new lender. As your expert mortgage broker in BC, I will verify these factors for you prior to the pre-approval phase.

  • Getting Your Mortgage Approved

When you are sure you are ready to switch your mortgage to another lender, I will help you submit a clean and error-free application to your new lender. I will also make sure your application receives quick approval.

Want to discuss more about switching your mortgage? Connect with me today.