About us

About Harkamal Gil

I, Harkamal Gill, am a licensed mortgage broker offering my honest, dedicated, and reliable services to the people of British Colombia. I was born and brought up in India and migrated to Canada few years ago. I have spent seven years working in a variety of financial-related positions in Canada before stepping out as a mortgage broker.

My passion is to help people navigate the options they have when it comes to their mortgage and help them feel completely confident with the product they choose. When you choose me as your trusted mortgage broker in BC, I will love to answer the questions you have, will compare rates and payment plans for you, and will help you find the best ways to achieve your financial goals.

As a professional broker, I receive my payment as commissions from the lenders. So, my services are completely free for you!


Our Mission

Being your trusted mortgage broker in BC, my mission is to help you find the best mortgage deals that will fit your needs and will not cause you any kind of financial burden.

While offering you my brokerage services, I strive to keep the process simple and uncomplicated and ensure quick approval from your lender.

My ultimate concern is your complete peace of mind.

Our Vision

My vision is to be widely recognized as a leading mortgage broker in the industry and be the ultimate choice of my British Colombian clients. In the process, it is my goal to transform into a world-class mortgage specialist and work with the most well-informed home-loan specialists in the industry.

I also aspire to continuously innovate a new set of standards for the mortgage industry.