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Pre Approval

Receive Expert Help with Your Mortgage Pre-Approval

Are you ready to buy your new home and consider a mortgage loan? If so, you will need to go through specific formalities before your lender approves your required amount. One such formality involved with a mortgage loan is Pre-approval. Mortgage pre-approval is the process that determines the amount of money you can borrow for the purchase of your home.

A mortgage pre-approval will let you know about the below-mentioned factors:

  • The maximum amount of mortgage you qualify to borrow
  • The estimated monthly payments you will need to make
  • Your payable rate of interest

In the mortgage pre-approval process, your lender will verify your credit and authenticate your financial information. If you qualify for the mortgage, your lender will approve a mortgage against a fixed interest rate for a specific period.

I, Harkamal Gill, am here to guide you and suggest how you can complete this pre-approval process for your mortgage without encountering any kind of complications.

Why Should You Consider Hiring My Mortgage Brokerage Services?

When you choose to avail of my quality professional mortgage brokerage services, I will make sure your lender approves the required mortgage within your expected time, and you do not have to experience any kind of stress.

I am here to simplify your entire mortgage loan procedure.

I Have Connections with a Wide Network

Being a reputed mortgage broker in BC, I have connections with many top-notch lenders in the industry, and I will help you choose the right service provider for your mortgage needs. I will help you get access to mortgages that are not available in your locality or are available at higher interest rates.

Minimize Your Complications

To qualify for mortgage pre-approval, you need to meet specific eligibility criteria set by your lender. If you fail to meet them, your lender may refuse to lend you the mortgage altogether.

However, when you employ me, I will connect you with lenders who will approve your loan requirements, even if you fail to meet all of their qualification criteria.

I Will Help You Minimize Your Costs

When you choose to receive my mortgage brokerage services, I will also assist you in lowering your expenses by advising you on how you can get a low-interest rate. This will help you save on your monthly payments. I will also negotiate with your lender on your behalf.

Do you want to know more about mortgage pre-approval and receive my expert support? Connect with me today.